Presentations from the Global Partnership for Plant Conservation conference, 2018

Presentations on achieving individual targets of the Global Strategy for Plant Conservation

Target 1: M. Marianne le Roux, Peter Wyse Jackson & Pierre-André Loizeau:
Building a World Flora Online.

Target 2: Steven Bachman & Malin Rivers:
A machine learning approach to assess the conservation status of all plants.

Target 7: Lize von Staden, Rupert Koopman & Ismail Ebrahim:
Achieving GSPC Target 7 in a megadiverse country.

Target 9: Luigi Guarino:
Measuring progress in the conservation of crop diversity.

Target 13: Christopher Dunn & Peter Wyse Jackson:
Traditional knowledge conservation and the GSPC: progress and perspectives.


Workshop 1: Achieving Target 8 of the GSPC

Coordinators: Paul Smith (BGCI) and John Donaldson (SANBI)

Catherine A. Offord & Karen D. Sommerville:
Challenges in ex situ conservation in the South Pacific.

Damian Wrigley:
Seed Banking throughout Australia in support of Target 8 and 9 of the GSPC.

John R. Clark, Joyce Maschinski & Peter Raven:
Achieving measurable success towards the Global Strategy for Plant Conservation, Objective
II – the Center for Plant Conservation model to urgently and effectively conserve plants.

Jordan Wood, Jeremie B. Fant, Andrea T. Kramer, Kayri Havens & Gregory M. Mueller:
What to do when we can’t bank on seeds: Applying zoo population management protocols
to rare plants in living collections.

Report of the Workshop


Workshop 2: Raising awareness of the GSPC and engagement with stakeholders at all levels - a target 14 workshop

Coordinators: Tim Entwisle (RBG, Melbourne) and Colin Clubbe (RBG, Kew)

Report of the workshop


Workshop 3: Plant conservation and crop plants - a Target 9 workshop

Coordinators: Ehsan Dulloo (Bioversity International, Mauritius) and Luigi Guarino (Crop Trust,

Nigel Maxted, Shelagh Kell, Joana Magos Brehm & Ehsan Dulloo:
Addressing GSPC Target 9: Toward the systematic conservation of global plant
agrobiodiversity to 2020 and beyond.

M. Ehsan Dulloo, N. Maxted, Joana Magos Brehm, Shelagh Kell, E. Allen, I. Thormann, H.
Gaisberger, Y. Jaufeerally-Fakim, D. Ng’uni & T.T. Tjikana:
Showcasing crop wild relative conservation planning in the SADC region.

Danny Hunter, Teresa Borelli and M. Ehsan Dulloo:
‘Plants of the past, or crops for the future’: Biodiversity for food and nutrition is central to
the 2030 agenda on sustainable development.

Domitilla Raimondo, Michelle Hamer, Steven Holness, Joana Brehm
Identifying conservation priorities for Crop Wild Relatives in South Africa

Report of the workshop